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Crane Multi Lift Productivity Analysis

Are you evaluating new equipment for your terminal? Use our tool and see with real data if upgrading your crane capabilities is worth the investment for extra productivity.

For busy terminals looking to improve their crane productivity, our tool will allow you to use your BAPLIE data like never before. The report will show you the percentage of Multi Lift opportunities based on your crane capabilities. Compare this to your operations today and see how you can improve!

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View & Share Summary Reports

How many precious hours has your team lost endlessly formatting, redoing reports, figuring out how to pull out data elements and checking for mistakes?

With our tool, getting insight into your EDI data is faster and easier than ever. Plus, you can share reports with view only users and third party guest accounts without giving them access to the EDI file.

Learn how you can use BAPLIE Viewer Online for:

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   Carrier Allocation Reportarrow_forward

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Build Personal or Team Pivot Reports

We understand that every operation is different so you can analyze the specific information you need.

Save time by creating custom reports and sharing them with facility team members or third party guests automatically.


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