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Managing your facility

With BAPLIE Viewer Online's "Manage Facility" feature, you can invite your vessel operations and other team members to collaborate on BAPLIE files securely in our cloud-based software.

Create BAPLIE From Spreadsheet

With BAPLIE Viewer Online's "Import from Excel" feature, you can create industry standard BAPLIE files by importing container data from a spreadsheet using our cloud-based software.

Compare BAPLIE Files

With BAPLIE Viewer Online's "Compare files" feature, you can easily and quickly review the differences between two BAPLIE files. Any additions, deleting and changes will be highlighted within our cloud-based software.


With BAPLIE Viewer Online's "Create MOVINS File" feature, you can quickly use your BAPLIE file to create a MOVINS file. All of the conversion is taken care of for you within our cloud-based software.


With BAPLIE Viewer Online, you can quickly and easily fix EDI files without being an expert on the SMDG specification. Our cloud based tool validates the file structure, will fix any missing segments, alerts you to possible incorrect data, and can convert incorrect port or iso or carrier codes.

Merge BAPLIE data

Do you get Pre-BAPLIE files and need a way to seamlessly add containers from one BAPLIE file into another? BAPLIE Viewer Online's "Merge Files" feature is as simple as: upload both files, and within a few clicks you have a merged file.

Edit Container Data

If your partners send you a BAPLIE file with incorrect data, then you'll need to edit the information before you upload it to your TOS. With BAPLIE Viewer Online, you dont need to be an expert in the BAPLIE specification. Just upload your file onto our website and within a few seconds you'll be able to make any edits you need.


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