Powerful Visualizations


Anyone can quickly summarize the most important data points.

Filter data based on your operational needs.

Immediately see if there are any data anomalies.

Screenshot of BAPLIE Data Dashboard

Screenshot of Main Content

Main Content

Easy to use spreadsheet format gives you the ability to harness the power of the data via filtering, queries or sorting.

Ability to edit single container information or multiple containers, as well as add new and delete existing containers.

2D Bay View

View content by bay for easy to read container information.

Customize your own 2D views of container attributes and colors.

Print or download PDF content for sharing amongst team members.

Our simplified point and click system allows you to perform cloud-based vessel load, discharge and restow operations including adding generic empties.

Screenshot of Discharge Planning with 2D view

Screenshot of 3D Vessel

3D Ship View

Create a digital twin to the current vessel. Add deck cranes, smoke stacks and customize colors without complicated software.

Check out our realistic container views with true container colors and logos.

Container & Ship Damage Tracking

Check out our realistic container views, and container inspector for visualization and application of damages!

Add damage graphics and detailed notations to specific areas of the ship and share the 3D representation with team members and third parties.

Screenshot of 3D Container with damage notation


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