Live Vessel Activity

By processing container movements in real-time, our visibility tools make vessel operations transparent for customers and partners.

Expanded visibility

Our multi-dimensional views and dashboard interface allows relevant parties to have full visibility of key vessel operations. Personnel can access the information using a simple web browser on a PC or tablet without requiring access to the Terminal Operating System (TOS). This expands visibility while also improving TOS security.

Proactive decision-making

Our real-time visibility platform enables relevant parties to track the progress of vessel operations at participating terminals. It provides advanced notice of potential problem areas, allowing operators to make critical decisions, like cut-and-run operations, with as much information and foresight as possible.

Detect handling mistakes

Rehandling containers causes delays and costs time and money, but activity visibility through our smart workplace helps identify errors as they happen. For example, if hazardous or critical cargo is misplaced during loading, the real-time updates allow for immediate action before additional containers are loaded.

Stakeholder collaboration

Live vessel activity enables you to grant access to key members of your stakeholder community, like port authority members, local governmental agencies, and the Coast Guard. This streamlines communication, minimizes support contact which in turn reduces costs, and improves the quality of service provided.

Enhanced customer value

Sharing real-time vessel activity through our solution adds value for your partners and customers. They can stay informed about the progress of operations, plan their workflows more effectively, and make better decisions. Transparency and accessibility contribute to stronger partnerships and improved customer satisfaction.

Direct vessel access

With our software, vessel crew can monitor relevant container activity and generate BAPLIE files on demand to ensure vessel sailing criteria such as stability validation is met. This also eliminates the risk associated with sending terminal personnel on-board the ship, improving health and safety overall.

Remove the barriers to collaboration

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