Having the "Swiss army knife for EDI handling" elevates your day-to-day operations

Operations Planning

Your operation’s success depends on proactive decision making, from last minute restows and generic empty loadout planning to cut-and-run situations. Our software empowers operators to make critical decisions with foresight.

Import from Excel

Some facilities can’t convert a spreadsheet into a BAPLIE EDI file — and now they can! With a basic Excel or CSV file, our system allows you to create a BAPLIE file with just a few clicks, bridging a key gap in the supply chain.

Merge BAPLIE Files

Aggregating container data from separate sources can cause chaos and delays. Our software allows users to merge multiple BAPLIE files seamlessly into a single file and specify how to automatically handle contradictions.

The tools you need to analyze, enhance, and share
Operational Container data.

Our secure, cloud-based system expedites decision-making, drives
collaboration, and elevates your operations. Are you ready?

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