Compare BAPLIE Viewing products

Sure, there's a VERY old desktop application by a similar name (no we're not affiliated), but not all tools are created equal!

We might be a tad bit biased, but we think BAPLIE Viewer Online is the superior BAPLIE editing experience. But don’t take our word for it, check out all the cool stuff we have that the other guys don’t!

BAPLIE Viewer Online Old Desktop Application Other BAPLIE Application
Nothing to download      
Compatible with BAPLIE 2.2      
Able to identify 45' containers      
Create BAPLIE file from Excel file      
Check validity of file structure      
Automatically fix invalid files      
Check data for anomalies      
Compare two BAPLIE files      
Convert BAPLIE into MOVINS      
Merge files together      
3D Bay View with realistic views      
Dashboard with container counts      
Grant read-only access      
Average time between updates Weeks   15+ Years   3 Years  
Live chat and email support      
Documentation with how-to-guides      
Mutiple file view      
Works on any operating system      
Invite team members and guests      
Compatible with ultra large vessels