Customers of all shapes and sizes

We help all kinds of businesses every day.

Container Terminals & Stevedores

Our first-hand experience in this industry means that our tools are the perfect fit for any operation, big or small. We’re helping container terminals and stevedoring companies around the world, no matter what TOS is in place.

Ship Lines

Keep track of your customer’s cargo without a terminal operating system.
BAPLIE Viewer online allows ship lines of any size to streamline logistics and visualize customer data.

Ship Agencies

With minimal infrastructure investment, BAPLIE Viewer Online is the perfect tool for Shipping agencies looking to provide customer transparency along the supply chain.

Logistics, Consulting & Others

There are many use cases on how BAPLIE Viewer Online helps logistics companies.
If you need to access BAPLIE file data for any reason, our tool simplifies complicated EDI into easy to read format.


We work with our enterprise customers to create custom solutions based on organizational needs.

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