Our Story

TEDIVO LLC isn’t just a software company that happens to make a BAPLIE viewing product. We are a maritime company focused on making innovative EDI visualization, collaboration and integration solutions.

BAPLIE Viewer Online started life as a tool developed by our company co-founder, Mark Traynor.

While working as a software consultant, Mark was often onsite working directly with container terminals upgrading their systems and implementing new technologies. In order to verify the data was flowing correctly, he needed a tool to view contents of the BAPLIE file and compare data quickly and easily.

At the time, there was only one product available, but it hadn’t been updated in over a decade and was difficult to install on modern computers. It also did not support larger vessels or the latest versions of BAPLIE files.

From this experience: BAPLIE Viewer Online was born!

Mark created a tool to parse the BAPLIE data and make the content visible in a table. Over time, he added more and more features as needed to do his consulting work. Other users began to find the website and offered even more suggestions for new features.

Over the years since, TEDIVO LLC has continued to add new features and functionality to BAPLIE Viewer Online to make it the premier solution for the maritime shipping industry to view, edit and validate BAPLIE files online. Today, we are proud to offer a fully featured EDI solution offering visualization, analysis and integration for individual users along with operational work groups and larger organizations with multiple facilities.