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Elaine McMillan
Global Container Terminals Canada
"We appreciate your company’s continued development work on what I view as an excellent product. We're long time users of BAPLIE Viewer Online at GCT Canada and recent adopters at GCT USA. We have always appreciated the fast turn around with on-going suggestions and improvements, and today consider it a must-have tool for our vessel operations. This new relaunch makes it easier for us to manage users across all of our facilities, and we look forward to the opportunities provided by the new guest account capabilities."
Capt. Hector Valezco
Searboard Marine, LTD
"I have found this product very helpful and accessible and most important, an easy way to guarantee we will be able to upload a BAPLIE file to our planning system without errors. In the few months that we have been using the product, we have learned that having so many vessels in the fleet with a diversity of stability programs means we don't always get the best quality of data in the BAPLIE file, with BAPLIE Viewer Online from TEDIVO we have been able to fill the gaps and make the BAPLIE file always readable."
Andy Black
"BAPLIE Viewer online has allowed us to gain better control over our data integrity and enabled us to provide a better handoff to the next port of call. It has also improved our diagnostic ability to troubleshoot and turn around BAPLIE issues. The team at BAPLIE Viewer has been responsive in addressing any issues we might have."
Brian Spangler
Port Newark Container Terminal
"Thank you for coming up with a program that has solved a major problem that our terminal has faced! We now have a reliable and powerful BAPLIE viewer that we have been looking for. This product has greatly enhanced our vessel planning process and makes SOLAS regulation and verification much simpler."
Rene Alverenga
GE Transportation - a WABTEC Company
"The integration of BAPLIE Viewer Online with our Port Optimizer platform changes the landscape dramatically, providing the technology to watch the supply chain function in real time through a new visual dimension of where cargo is stowed."
Casey Cordray
Long Beach Container Terminal
“BAPLIE Viewer [Online] is a necessary compliment to any operational software suite. It has many different functionalities that we use in our day to day operations. It is the most versatile BAPLIE viewing program on the market.
Jae Staite
Northport Ltd
"BAPLIE Viewer Online is an excellent product and resource for ports. They have a great team, who have gone the extra mile for our operation, which has been greatly appreciated."
Leonard Petersen
Diamond Line
"Thanks to BAPLIE Viewer Online we have an easy and reliable tool to check departure files now. The user-friendly interface and the very helpful support make our daily work easier."
Peter Scott
PSA Panama
"We have been using BAPLIE Viewer Online since its launch and we can emphasize that it is an excellent complement for any shipping line or terminal that uses BAPLIEs. It helps to review the quality of the data before putting it in an operational software suite, in an easy and practical way we can edit, modify or add data in the containers to make the BAPLIE have a good quality in the data either on arrival or departure and that they are more reliable both for the shipping lines, the next port of arrival and even for the vessel."
James Hix
Pasha Group
"BAPLIE Viewer Online has made our lives much easier and saved us time through efficiency. Collaboration has been achieved as files can be updated by various people instead of emailing files back and forth for changes and updates. The ability to convert an .edi file and manipulate it via Excel is a game changer. No more timely and tedious updating in planning software where only one person can see it. We are also able to create Excel and stowage planning files for our equipment/transportation groups which they can easily access and use for their functions without the need for planning software. Would recommend BAPLIE Viewer to all transportation professionals."
Karim Timgrad & Martijn Richters
Rotterdam World Gateway
"BAPLIE Viewer Online enables us to do quick checks that would otherwise require more time and effort. We are very happy with the ability to also view MOVINS files." "BAPLIE Viewer Online makes my daily work as a Vessel Planner a lot easier."
Ibrahim Hermes
Gulftainer Lebanon
"When we first discovered BAPLIE Viewer Online, we knew it would be a valuable tool to us. Today, the Pre-Plan and the Departure File for every vessel attending our Terminal are being prepared through BAPLIE Viewer Online."
Garry Spall
Port of Felixstowe
"BAPLIE Viewer Online’s powerful yet easy to use functionally, allows us to identify and resolve baplie issues in a more timely and professional manner, than the manual processes we relied on before. The continued customer-led development and excellent support make this product easy to recommend."
Charles Glowacki
Ports America Chesapeake
"BAPLIE Viewer Online is an excellent product that has allowed our terminal staff to view vessel data easily and quickly. The software is very user friendly, and provides us the perfect solution for quickly checking, rectifying or confirming BAPLIEs."
Werner Vassallo
Malta Freeport Terminals
"At Malta Freeport Terminal, we have been long-time subscribers of BAPLIE Viewer Online, and it has been an invaluable asset to our operations. The user-friendly interface, real-time data access, and robust features have greatly streamlined our container management processes. With BAPLIE Viewer Online, we have experienced increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and smoother coordination within our terminal operations."
Melissa Clinton
Eucon Shipping & Transport
"We have been using BAPLIE Online Viewer for a number of years. The tool is very straightfoward and easy to use. It allows us to review and analyse BAPLIE files which is an essential part of our operational process. The team at Tedivo give excellent service. We can certainly recommend BAPLIE Online Viewer to anyone who requires a tool for reading BAPLIE files."
Ingo Siert
Container Terminal Burchardkai - HHLA
"BAPLIE Viewer Online is a very comprehensive tool to quickly analyze BAPLIE files before and after being processed in our TOS. It is great to have lots of options for modifying or repairing BAPLIEs in case it is necessary. We are using the Analytics section to feed important tools for calculating the best operational work assignment. Other nice BVO features like creating MOVINS or comparing files are also being used very often. The greatest value of BVO is the team behind, which has been very supportive. Reaction time to our questions / requests has been very fast! Thanks a lot for providing this great tool which does make our ship-planners daily life a lot easier!"
Jeremy Lemire
"BAPLIE viewer is a program that offers us various possibilities and options to get a look on our vessel's configuration, but it resides really simple to use. We've been using this program for almost 10 years and it has helped us to avoid any kind of mistakes on our EDI, while transmitting it to the different parties that we're working with. The 3D view is very usefull and quick to discern any anomalies on our work done in our program. It gaves us a quick response on what to work on. That being said, it has helped us through the years, to provide to our operations teams accurate discharge and loading plans with the lowest amount of errors possible. This program consists of the basis of the correctness of the vessel's operations performed on the terminal."
Iorgu Delicote
Peel Ports - Liverpool
"BAPLIE Viewer Online has enabled our planning section to improve data quality by carrying-out initial checks and subsequently avoid future complications importing incorrect data. BAPLIE Viewer Online helps our planning department to work efficiently, reducing time and costs."
Anselmo Marcenaro
PSA Italy
"A powerful software at a convenient price, reliable and easy to use. Point of reference in EDI messages for container vessels, to ensure data quality and to easily review them. The process is user-friendly, enabling easy modifications and additions to uphold high data quality."
Jeff Lu
Marinus Services
BAPLIE Viewer Online (BVO) is an essential software in my daily work, although I have just used it for one year. BVO is an amazing toolkit for cleaning, visualizing, and analysing EDI data to improve my work accuracy and efficiency. BVO has great capability, accessibility, flexibility, and extendibility. Also, I found that BVO’s customer service team are very professional, knowledgeable, and always punctual. BVO is my treasure box! Thank you for providing such a brilliant software.