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Real-time Collaboration

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Benefits & Features

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Multi-dimensional Views

Let’s face it — spreadsheets can be boring, and they don’t always display data in a way that makes sense. Our software lets you see Bay View in 2D and the ship as a whole in 3D.

Catch Load Mistakes Early

Rehandling delays cost time and money. We provide real-time activity insights that allow you to catch load mistakes before additional containers are added.

Data Anomaly Detection

Container issues are a constant problem in maritime logistics, but we can help. Our exclusive algorithm analyzes the data for inconsistencies. Making corrections is simple and quick!

Editing Made Easy

Errors in your BAPLIE data are a hassle to correct — until now. Our software makes editing easy thanks to an intuitive design that eliminates the need for EDI training or certification.

Ship Agent Assistance

Maritime logistics has multiple partners that don’t always collaborate effectively. We make it easier with a visibility sharing module that enables you to grant access and improve teamwork.

EDI File Sharing

If you’re still sending data via email or USB drives, you can stop now. We allow you to differentiate between private and shared files, making unity and efficiency the new normal.

Expanded Visibility

Making decisions with limited visibility is hard. With our software, relevant parties can view container operational data without accessing the TOS — expanding visibility and improving security.

User-friendly Interface

For anyone who’s accustomed to viewing spreadsheet data, our main interface will look familiar and feel comfortable — with reports, queries, filters, and export functions you’ll love.

Dashboard Summary

You don’t always have time to spend pouring over data, and that’s okay. Our dashboard provides at-a-glance intel for faster decision-making when and where you need it most.

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The Companies We Keep

— Expediting Decision-making. Driving Collaboration. Elevating Operations. —

What Our Clients Have to Say

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BAPLIE Viewer Online® is a necessary complement to any operational software suite. It has many different functionalities that we use in our day to day operations. It is the most versatile BAPLIE viewing program on the market.

Casey Cordray
Vessel Operations Manager
Long Beach Container Terminal
... We're long time users of BAPLIE Viewer Online® at GCT Canada ... We have always appreciated the fast turn around with on-going suggestions and improvements, and today consider it a must-have tool for our vessel operations ...

Elaine McMillan
Systems Engineer
Global Container Terminals
BAPLIE Viewer Online® is an excellent product that has allowed our terminal staff to view vessel data easily and quickly. It is very user friendly, and provides the perfect solution for quickly checking, rectifying or confirming BAPLIEs.

Charles Glowacki
Application Support
Ports America Chesapeake

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