BAPLIE Viewer Online

the only collaborative solution built for

Container Terminals

Container Terminals

to visualize, analyze and manage EDI
data in a secure cloud-based tool

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Sync Across All Devices

Invite team members

Your membership includes additional users, so you can invite your team to work on EDI together instead of emailing files back and forth for changes and updates.

Guest access to Data

Need to share files outside your team? Our tool allows you to grant access for a specific file and only the data you want to share - quickly, easily and most importantly: securely.

Designed for non-technical users, BAPLIE Viewer Online translates EDI data into an easy to read format.


Sometimes, you don't want to spend hours looking at the data. Get quick container counts so you can make operational decisions much faster.

device_hubMain Content

For the user that's used to looking at Excel data, our main content looks and feels familiar, but it has all the tools you need - get reports, run queries and filter to your heart's content.

visibility 2D & 3D Views

Spreadsheets are boring! Visualize the data in a way that makes sense: 2D Bay View or our unique 3D View to see the ship as a whole.

beenhereAnomalies Detection

Our algorithm analyzes the data so you don't have to. We let you know what containers are likely to have issues, and make it easy for you to correct them on the fly.


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"BAPLIE Viewer Online is a necessary complement to any operational software suite. It has many different functionalities that we use in our day to day operations. It is the most versatile BAPLIE viewing program on the market."

Casey Cordray, Vessel Operations Manager
at Long Beach Container Terminal


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